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About Chale Fashion

Chale is A VERY popular Ghanaian (Pidgin English) expression used in multiple senses (depending on rising/falling intonation):

1. in the same sense as the words "Dude" or "Homie." Synonymous with the American "Jack" or "Joe" as a way of addressing another person directly. Supposedly believed to have originated from the Chicago-based slang "Charlie" (pron. "Chali"), used in the same vein to address someone directly.

2. used with "Oh" as an expression of disappointment, pity, sympathy.

3. used with "Oh" as an expression of agreement with someone else's statement. Used in the same vein as "I know right?" or "Tell me about it."

Founder David Lee Micah is also known as Lee Bass, a producer and Dj from Ghana and Germany, who has been travelling the world with his band Gato Preto.

He loves modern african fashion an was searching for a Dashiki which fullfilled his high standards in design and quality. Lee didnt find one single Dashiki he liked and so he decided to design his own. Many people asked him where they can buy it so while the demand grew he decided to create a brand out of this idea to share his passion for fashion. Chale Fashion was born!

While moving in and out the african continent one stop was Uganda where he met Ivan. Ivan and his team of tailors are responsible for the Dashikis and african products of Chale Fashion.